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Lifetime Ban from MT Cup Issued to Judge

(AP) 25 October 2004

Pat Judge of Helena is a known offender of Montana Cup course confidentiality rules. Twice in the past month Judge has been apprehended in Great Falls on the 'Cup' course. On the first occasion Judge befriended and swindled an unsuspecting race official who divulged classified information to Judge about the layout of the race course.

On Sunday, Oct 24th, Judge's second known offense was reported after he was caught far out on the course at the hour of dawn with two unknown female accomplices. It was reported that Judge looked to be studying every curve, mound, and rise on the course.

Judge’s trespasses were clear violations of the home-course-advantage rules of the MT Cup, and they helped race officials tag Judge as a repeat offender with little or no chance of reform. The MT Cup Jury of Appeals was convened in a special emergency session to decide a fair and just solution to Judge's digressions, and a lifetime ban for him was the result.

Judge will now be restrained from setting foot within 100 meters of any past, present, or future MT Cup course. He will also have 300 hours of MT Cup community service, and he must produce restitution to the Great Falls team for their losses associated with his unethical conduct.

In an attempted plea bargain, Judge was offered, but refused, clemency in exchange for the identity of his two female accomplices. Judge stated "I did not have sex with those women."

Outstanding in-depth coverage! The New York Times will be calling. - Peter Dan Sullivan

Wow! That's serious. I was just trying to call Pat Judge and couldn't reach him. Now I know why. I wish Judge would have contacted me sooner. I could have convinced the court that Judge is a has-been, who couldn't possibly gain an advantage by viewing the course. Furthermore, because he is generally an incoherent, some might say, "checked-out" vagabond, he didn't even realize he was outside, let alone on a course of somekind. The fact that two women accompany him anywhere, I think, is to his eternal credit. - Cameron Hardy

I've known he was a rascal for a long time. - John Zombro

Finally, justice is done. But you must hand it to Judge for his allegiance to the opposite sex, despite his other transgressions, particularly against the HCA rule (Home Course Advantage). – Eric Jones

It's about time!  He is very sneaky. - John Hartpence

Burn him at the stake! - Jeb Myers

When I agreed to host the MT Cup I thought I could put my trust and confidence in the people who have been associated with it for many years. Little did I suspect that I was just being set-up so one individual could gain an unfair advantage. I was there. I had to witness the whole ugly scene. I'm devastated. I feel so used, so dirty.       I need a shower. - Bob Boland, Co Race Dir.

Hey now, Bob, we bought you a pizza!  What are you complaining about? – Pat Judge

I love it!  We haven't laughed this much in a long time!   – Jacquie Maillet, Co Race Dir.

Studying military satellite photography of the course is still okay, right? Otherwise Mark Slater is in big trouble. – Craig Kenworthy

Judge’s rebuttal Line of Defense #1:  Character Witnesses
"Clearly the person accompanied by two women on the course could not be [Pat]!" - Dale Bickell, high school chum

"It must not have been [Pat] since the only time I have known him to be up at dawn and running was when he was naked and in college. If he were with 2 females, the naked part probably isn't likely and we all know that he is no longer in college. So, the culprit must have been a look-alike impostor." - Paul Koch, college chum


"Pat is a wonderful human being who would never do anything wrong!" - Carol Judge, Mom

Line of Defense #2:
 "I am not a crook." - Richard Millhouse Nixon Defendant challenges petitioner to produce any evidence whatsoever that the course is in any way confidential.  On this year's entry form, for example, the "Course" section simply states: "5 to 8k challenging cross-country running over rough terrain with turns, steep hills, and possible mud/snow crossings.  Spiked racing shoes not recommended." 
Note that unlike previous years, the silly phrase "It's a secret!" is distinctly absent.  Similarly, no such silliness exists now, nor has ever existed as part of the official Montana Cup Rules.

Line of Defense #3:
  The "Pot calls the Kettle Black" Defense
"One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws- an unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
"An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so." - Mohandas Gandhi

Defendant notes that Mr. Hunt, the responsible party behind these outrageous allegations, has himself personally inspected each and every Montana Cup Course prior to race day, since the event's inception twelve years ago.  While the collective running community is greatly appreciative of Ray's many contributions to the theory and practice of running in Montana, there must be some reasonable limit on the "privileges of authorship" that Ray is allowed to confer upon himself in his capacity as "Judge, Jury, Executioner, and All Powerful Poobah for All Things Montana Cup."  Where are the checks and balances?  Where is the separation of powers?  We've all tolerated his personal preferences and affectations for years -- that races be marked in KILOMETERS rather than the customary (and actually useful) unit of the MILE -- that awards be "cash or usable goods only," simply because Ray hates plaques -- that runner's finishing higher than 7th place for their team cannot endlessly enlarge Butte's already hefty scores.  But must we now also accept a system that demands adherence to an unstated, nonexistent, and unjust rule that applies to everyone but the Butte captain?  Should we shred the 14th Amendment to the Constitution?  I think not! 

So what is it then, that would drive a man to go to such desperate lengths to deprive another of his basic right to pursue happiness and Montana Cup glory, to slander his character and defame his reputation, to clog our court system with frivolous litigation?  Could it be fear?  I think so!

Line of Defense #4:
  The "Bob Gannon, William Clark" Defense Ethical sanctions originating from Butte MT, while entertaining, simply cannot be taken seriously. 'nuf said.

Final Thought:  Montana Constitution, Article II, Declaration of Rights, Section 9.  Right to know.  "No person shall be deprived of the right to examine [stuff] or to observe [other stuff] except in cases in which the demand of individual privacy clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure."

Defense rests.

Helena's Women and Sports Committee Releases Results of First Interview
    Helena (AP) The Women and Sports Committee today released results of its first set of interviews of local running leaders.  The process, initially designed to be completely confidential, was announced today due to unconfirmed rumors of illicit activity in Great Falls by the subject over the weekend.
    A Committee member, who spoke on condition of anonymity stated:  "We conducted an in-depth interview of subject Pat Judge, to determine whether he was adequately recognizing the needs of female athletes in his endeavors to bring the Helena team to victory in the upcoming Montana Cup.  Although the results were not to be released until after the Cup, the Committee has decided to come forward in a show of solidarity for Mr. Judge." 
    After intensive screening, the Committee has give Pat an "A rating."  Said the Committee, "The A rating is difficult to achieve.  It involves not only listening to the rapid fire discussions of two women while trapped in a mini-van traveling at a high rate of speed, but we also test on his retention of the discussed material at the end of the interview."  The Committee noted that Mr. Judge was not only able to remain calm under pressure, but was able to adequately respond to the subject matter at all times.  Topics covered in this intensive interview process included the personal lives of other team members, the location of the nearest restrooms at the upcoming course, injuries of various teammates and competitors, the depth of field from each city, as well as the need to foster increased team spirit through the judicious use of beer.  The Committee commented that the rumors of nakedness may have spawned from a display of certain injuries of the subject and were directly related to discussions of victory potential at the Montana Cup this weekend.
    This is one of the few instances the Committee has offered an "A rating" to a single man.  Said the Committee member, "Although married men tend to gain a small level of skill at understanding and responding to "women chatter," it is virtually unprecedented for a single male to display such skill.  Because of this, we have determined that Mr. Judge not only is aware of the special needs of women teammates, but is willing to go above and beyond to foster team spirit for all Helena competitors."  The Committee cited to his efforts to travel with team member, before daylight, to survey potential restroom locations and bus parking for the race next weekend.  "My understanding of Mr. Judge's mission was not to check out the course, but to merely address concerns regarding parking and facilities for his athletes.  We were impressed by his dedication as a team leader."
    "The Committee plans to file an amicus brief on his behalf should the Montana Cup continue its unprecedented and atrocious attacks on this impressive member of the running community.  What sort of kangaroo court handed down this verdict?  We will litigate to the Supreme Court if necessary" stated legal counsel for the Committee.  The threat of litigation appears to be legitimate.  The Committee itself boasts a strong team of crack lawyers, as does the Helena track group.
    After intense questioning by the reporter, the Committee refused to offer endorsements of Pat as possible marriage material.  "Such an endorsement goes beyond the scope of our interview.  We would, of course, provide the specific results of the interview to any female interested in further information on the subject. - Karen Powell

It is apparent that the only fair resolution to this dispute is: 1. Make Judge run the course blindfolded.

2. Reduce Ray's penalty setting authority to disputes such as whether Zombro in fact took two donuts from the food table, instead of the allowed one. By the way, I understand Banovich has bootleg copies of "How to run the Montana Cup" videos for sale. - Craig Kenworthy, recovering lawyer

Okay - so how long is the course, anyway??  And what are its details????? – Marc Golz

Judge Ruling Reduced After Controversial Appeal

(AP) 29 October 2004

Helena -- On the eve of the Montana Cup cross country meet, Helena's rick Judge successfully appealed to Montana Governor Judy Martz's Office for reinstatement of his right to set foot on all Montana Cup cross country courses.

Backed financially by Karen Powell, a founding member of Helena's mysterious underground Women and Sports Committee, Judge enlisted a strong team of crack lawyers to push his appeal through to the Governor in time for Judge to participate in this year's Montana Cup race on Saturday in Great Falls.

Martz, known for taking a hard-line Republican stance during her term as Montana's Governor, surprised many on hand at the capital when she issued a quick ruling, that largely favored Judge.

Capital Hill regular Jeff Thomas commented, "For the Governor to overlook rick's history of Green Party politics in her ruling is really astonishing. Let me be the first to praise the Governor for her impartiality in this decision, especially consider the timing of it all in relation to the elections".

Although the Governor did not completely overturn the original ruling against Judge, a high-ranking Republican Party official, who spoke under conditions of anonymity, acknowledged party-wide fear of public backlash directed at Republicans in next Tuesday's elections. In an apparent attempt to sway public perception of Governor Martz's controversial ruling, the gubernatorial Press Secretary released the following statement.

"Governor Martz has weighed the evidence presented in Mr. Judge's appeal, and she has ruled in a way that protects the basic human rights that are guaranteed to all Montana citizens. Governor Martz wants to make it perfectly clear that Mr. Judge's political background, although misguided, had no bearing on her decision.

"Mr. Judge freely admitted that he gained an advantage over other runners by practicing the course in an attempt to gain glory, and the Governor feels that this type of behavior is perfectly acceptable. For that reason, Governor Martz has ruled that Mr. Judge may run the Montana Cup, but she felt that the other sanctions against Judge were appropriate, and the Governor did add one more penalty to Mr. Judge's punishment.

"The Governor reiterated the earlier ruling that Mr. Judge must pay restitution to his victims and that he must perform his hours of Montana Cup community service. The Governor also declared that the letters P, A, and T be dropped from Mr. Judge's first name, so that he will be known only as rick Judge from this day forward."