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Timing tent at a previous Montana Cup.

Montana Cup Scoring (MCS)


A MS Access 97 program created by Butte's Montana Cup benefactor Chris Wareham. The MCS simplifies hosting the Montana Cup (and most any other meet or race), with the capability of quickly and efficiently producing individual finish times, team scores and results in just about any format that suits a Meet/Race Director.


MCS has been loaded on a loaner laptop which may be used for free by any Montana Cup host.


Interested in buying MCS to time and score a race or cross country meet other than the Montana Cup?

You can use the program to do your registration, timing, scoring and results.

The program can be tailored to fit differing scoring rules that are held by various governing bodies of the sport.


If you'd like to check out MCS' capabilities you can download the help file at

If your operating system is Windows Vista or later, you'll need to go here to view the help file:


Request information about purchasing MCS for your own use.